Monday, May 17, 2010

Wet and almost deserted

Like most Londoners, I tend to avoid going into central London at weekends, but yesterday was an exception as I had tickets for a concert in Covent Garden. That's how I found myself walking along the Strand shortly before 7 PM. This is usually a bustling street, heavy with traffic and pedestrians, but the rain (and a huge traffic jam further north towards Holborn) gave this stretch an almost deserted look.

They keep promising us "ice cream weather" but I'm not sure if they mean the kind of ice cream you eat in the sunshine or next to an open fire. Ho hum.


Anonymous said...

Rain - liquide sunshine ;)

Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

daily athens

Per Stromsjo said...

Fortunately, any weather is ice cream weather!

tapirgal said...

I love it, Tinsie! This is what England usually looks like when I visit (off-season). Great shot. I can feel it. I like your text, too :)

Tinsie said...

@ Ρόμπερτ: It's liquid alright. But it's definitely not sunshine.

@ Per Stromsjo: Thank God for small mercies :-)

@ Tapirgal: Thanks! If it's any consolation, England can look like this at any season.

It's when it looks like this in July that it's really depressing.

Deepak Acharya said...

but this place still looks beautiful

VP said...

Speaking of London, I have been there in almost any season for years and the weather wasn't so much different from here.

Tinsie said...

@ Deepak: I guess so. It's not so beautiful after you've seen it like that a dozen times ;-)

@ VP: The first few times I visited London from Greece, the weather was always fine and it hardly ever rained. It was never better than what I'd left behind, but it was still mainly dry and warm. I even experienced one of the hottest summers in living memory and started thinking that the rain reports were exaggerated.

Then I moved here.

Per Stromsjo said...

"Then I moved here." ;)

I'm sure there are a few tennis players around who would be willing to testify about small things like rainfall.